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We’re all about connecting locals with locals. If you need some help in your local area, you can find gardeners, cleaners, handymen & women or more! It’s just three easy steps:

Search & Compare

Choose your preferred help type and view all of the locals willing to help.


Discuss & Book

Start a conversation or simply book your preferred professional or skilled worker.



Everything is done online, and once booked you can sit back and relax.

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Trust & safety

It’s easy to get the right person! Look out for these icons when looking for the right fit for your home or office.

  • SMS

    SMS verification

    User has verified their phone number.

  • Bank

    Bank verification

    User has connected their bank account.

  • ID

    ID verification

    User has had their ID verified.

  • ID

    Chat first

    Discuss freely before booking.

Trust & safety is important. We also hold all payments until the job is complete
Why people choose Helpmarket?
Helpmarket is simple and local. We also bring in feedback from other job sites so you can see any additional feedback the Helper has received across multiple platforms!
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Right across Australia we make it easy for hundreds of our users to connect with professionals, skilled workers and locals to get jobs done around the home or around the office. Here’s what is happening right now!
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