Helpmarket Trust & Safety
The internet doesn’t have to be that hard!

Trust & Safety is important to establish a healthy online marketplace for Helpers and Helpees to exchange help.  Helpmarket takes both very seriously, and you should too.

1. Our terms of use are very important

You should take the time to read our Terms & Conditions, our Privacy Policy and our Agreement.  These detail the expectations of both Helpers and Helpees and details what you need to know to ensure the best outcomes.

2. Helpmarket makes it easy for you to compare Helpers

Our Helper's are required to provide a description of who they are, what they can do and information on past experience.  They can also upload a profile picture, photos and descriptions of past work.  They also can now verify their mobile phone, their identification and thei banking details through the Helpmarket platform.  When you see the three green tick icons, you will know that we know who the Helper is.


3. Helpmarket recommends you check Qualifications, Licenses & Insurance of Helpers

When a Helper registers on Helpmarket they are asked to advise of any relevant Qualifications, Licenses and/or Insurance.  These are sighted by Helpmartket, and only added to the Helper’s profile if they are still current/valid.  But you should also ask to verify these yourself, as detailed in our terms of use.


4. We limit communication until you find the right Helper or have been selected by a Helpee

We recommend you always use the communication system to communicate with a Helper or Helpee.  The system will then have records of interaction, which might be handy in case you ever need to review communications.  We won’t provide your details to a Helper or Helpee until you have both agreed via the Website to provide or accept some Help.


5. We use an escrow (deposit held by third party) payment system to hold Helpee funds until the Helper has helped

By using our online payment system, Helpers & Helpee’s can have confidence that the Helpee will pay for the Help and that the Helper will complete the Help prior to being paid.  Helpmarket uses Stripe to take payment securely and hold the funds until the help has been confirmed as provided by both the Helper and Helpee.


6. We allow Helpees to rate Helpers

Helpmarket operates a review system out of 5 stars.  After a Helper provides Help to a Helpee, the Helpee is required to provide a rating out of 5 stars and a short review.  This helps other Helpee’s understand who the best possible Helper is for the help requested.