Why we are different
The internet doesn’t have to be that hard!

Helpmarket wanted to do things differently.  We wanted to help people find the right business for the job and help great businesses get noticed.

When we started out, we quickly found that Helpers (Service Providers) needed help presenting themselves in the right way.  There are some great businesses out there, but they might not know how to use the internet to showcase what they can do.  Helpmarket aims to fix that.

For Helpees (Service Recipients) it’s hard to know who the right business is for the right job, let alone finding someone who is available and in your local area.  No one likes to pay call out fees for someone to drive all the way across town just to see if they can help you or not.  Helpmarket aims to fix that too.

We’re a two sided marketplace that helps Helpees and Helpers get the most out of the internet when it comes to getting things done around the home and office.  Let’s get working!