Promote your business
The internet is hard, with so many options to promote and manage your business. How are you meant to keep up? Helpmarket makes it simple, providing a single platform to promote your business to new and existing customers across multiple channels.

Master your profile

So many businesses lose track of their profiles. Do you have the latest image, the latest info and contact details? Are references received on one platform available to be viewed elsewhere? We allow you to create one master profile, then help you distribute it across multiple channels like social media, job sites and the internet.


Build your audience

How many of your customers are repeat customers? Did you know it costs 7 times more to attract a new customer than retain an existing customer for repeat business? We help you build an audience of new and existing customers, allowing ongoing relationships and marketing in a simple way.


Broadcast everywhere

You’ve just completed a great job, reached a business milestone or added a new service. How do you get that information out to new and existing customers? In the past it meant multiple messages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Google and more. Helpmarket allows a single post to multiple channels.


Measure your marketing

Is it really worth paying all those fees to that particular job site? How many people find you through free vs paid methods. Helpmarket can unlock these secrets and more through detailed analytics, delivered in a simple way. A basic dashboard shows you who is finding your business and how.


Streamline communications

Where did that enquiry come from? Which job site or social media channel do I need to log in to? Helpmarket can help you streamline your communications from one location. One click login, responses and conversations can occur in real time across multiple sites and channels.

Finding help
If you are looking for Help, we call you a Helpee. Helpee’s can search, compare, chat and then book their preferred Helper. The Helper could be a tradesman, professional, skilled worker or even just a keen local.

Find & compare locals

Helpmarket enables you to search for locals. Choose the type of help you need, add some basic details and then find all of the skilled workers, professionals, trades or even neighbours who might be willing and able to help you with big or small jobs.


Hire, chat or ask for quotes

You can choose a Helper and hire them at an hourly rate, have a chat first or ask multiple Helpers to provide a quote. It’s all up to you. Just post your help request or question or request and we’ll get to work for you.


Secure, cash-free payment

Helpmarket uses Stripe to deliver our marketplace with bank level encryption for all financial data. When you are ready to go ahead with your job or task, we safely hold your payment until both you and your Helper confirm the Help has been completed. We then make payment directly to the Helper on your behalf. It’s safe, cash-free and easy to use. You can use a debit or credit card to make your payment when ready to go.


Working for you

You can then relax knowing you have the right person to do the job or work around your home or office. Once booked you can continue to chat with your preferred Helper or access their direct contact details as needed.